A Simple Solution for Dependent Reviews

Our Services Can Simplify a Complex Process

With increasingly tight benefit budgets, many employers have begun regular reviews of their employees’ eligible dependents.

Dependent reviews can help you manage your benefits budget, keep benefit costs down for your employees and help reduce legal risk and non-compliance issues with your benefit plans.

Although it’s easy to recognize the benefits of dependent verification, most employers fear there’s nothing easy about it. The reviews can be a complex process, particularly when you’re facing tight administrative resources, tight enrollment timeframes and a lack of technical support.

We can help make the entire process easy – at no additional cost to you. We make dependent review a part of our 1-to-1 benefits counseling sessions, so it’s a seamless, efficient process. Using our electronic enrollment system during the 1-to-1 session with employees, our benefit counselors can:

  • Clearly explain eligibility criteria.
  • Note any ineligible dependents.
  • Add new eligible dependents.
  • Return the employee’s electronic signature of confirmation.

At the end of the enrollment, we provide employers with dependent verification reports for their records.

Done annually, dependent verification is a simple option that can help save valuable budget dollars, and help you and your employees get the most from the benefits you offer.